Assignment #6

To build a bridge of communication between students, faculty, and parents I would create a blog that would reflect the culture and interests of these individuals. This podcast would incorporate several different format designs to garner interest and provide the proper platforms for different types of information. In addition, depending on the type of material, I would post weekly and monthly. The main categories that that the podcasts would be listed under would be: School News, Community Events, Connections, In The Classroom, Beyond the Classroom, English for Everybody and DOE News. Under the category "In the Classroom" individual classes would be invited to produce their own material. The material could include teacher created content, student produced shows reflecting on what they are learning, dramatic readings (in different languages) and book reviews. To give both teachers and parents a voice I would conduct monthly interviews and post them under "Connections". I would work with the Parent Coordinator to highlight important Community Events in a monthly calendar podcast and also provide recordings of school performances. To get administration on board I would ask the Principal and Assistant Principal to provide and possibly read a weekly scripted School News Show that discussed overall school achievements, safety issues, and important dates. In consideration of the large ESL population at my school I would invite ESL teachers to create lessons on conversational English for students and parents and post lectures regarding current trends in research for their colleagues. To make the site easily navigable, particpatory, and consistentI would be sure to include a forum, clear labels and descriptive titles, and topics culled from listener feedback. With proper planning, monitoring and active participation this tool could bring together the best aspects of a learning community. The activities that the parents, students, and faculty will be involved with at home and at school to produce the podcasts is both a meaningful and authentic way to bolster literacy, responsibility and ownership.

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